SPiny Freshwater Crayfish

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HooplaTez asked:

Dancing Spiny tail Cray!

freshwater crayfish

Freshwater crayfish eating meat scraps

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bukster1 asked:

I’ve thrown some tasty meat scraps into this stream. Let’s see who turns up to eat them. Note how they would rather fight another crayfish for the food he’s got rather than pick up an unclaimed piece. It’s a very human trait.

freshwater crayfish

What about this tank set up?

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What do you think about this take set up for a five gallon tank?


If I use the inch of fish per gallon, then I can have 5 fish, do ground swimming fish like corri’s and loaches count?

Could I have five tetras, and a louch?

or Five tetras and a small freshwater crayfish?
If I got guppies, could I just get pair?

By: Blacky~ iestá detrás!

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freshwater crayfish

What should I stock my tank with? (freshwater no salties)?

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I am either getting a 5 gal. or a 10 gal. And I was wondering what kinds of pretty fish I could get 🙂 (I would also like a bottom dweller such as a crayfish or frog :D) Any suggestions? It’ll have a heater and filter and alllll that 🙂 Ty!

By: Anubis♥Star

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Brackish Fish Tank?

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i have a freshwater tank right now, i would like to make it into brackish and was wondering what i would need to do. would i be able to keep the fish i have now? i have a convict, gourami, 2 firemouth cichlids, a red belly pacu and 2 crayfish. the aquarium is 30 gal.
also, is it harder to maintain a brackish tank?

By: kreadive

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freshwater crayfish

redfin,yabbies and buhda

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rumturd asked:

Here are my redfin and yabbies,and my dog buhda loves them too.The dominant redfin has lost most of its stripes.Plus it has a double dorsal fin.


Can I put rocks in my aquarium(2)?

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Can I put rocks from my freshwater creek into my aquarium?
There are wild zebra danios, crayfish, salamanders, tadpoles and tadpole snails living in this creek. Also, there is one small bass in a ‘pond’ in the creek.
Could I take a rock right out of the creek, rinse it off and put it in my aquarium??
Please help if you can!!
Thanks for your time.
Also, wouldn’t bleach harm the water in the aquarium?
And to Robert W. ,
I would like something rather small (a pound or under).
Like 3-4 inches in length.
I ordered some Red Cherry shrimp, and I am going to set up to rocks (one perched on the other) to create a cave that no other fish can get into except the shrimp.
Hope that helped you in some way and also please give your answer.
Thanks a bunch!

By: billcollins531

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freshwater crayfish

Pet Crawfish~HELP?

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Crawfish, Crayfish, CrawlDad, freshwater lobster…whatever you call them, Ive got one

On sunday, my brother was fishing, and he had some baitfish in a tiny bad, full of bloody water. When he got home (after the fish had been in it for about an hour) he put the dead fish in the bag in the refrigerator. Well, I opened the fridge, and the bag was moving, so I opened it up, and there was a crawfish, still alive, and trying to pinch me. He had been in there for over an hour, and was still alive. So, I asked my brother if I could have it, and he said no…so I bought it from him for $15. I know you think I should set it free (which I will), but i payed good money for this thing and would like to keep it for a while

So, I have it in a 10 gallon tank, filled a little less than halfway full of half lake water, half tap water (dechlorinated). He has a filter, gravel, a place to get on land, lake plants, and places to hide….is there anything else I need….what should I feed it?
We had pork for supper, so I put some pork in there, and some bottom feeder tank food…..and tomorrow im going to catch some minnows to put in there.

Should I kill the minnows so he can get them easier, or should I just have live minnows?

He is about 3 inches long…and very fiesty.

OOH, and what do yall think I should name him, he looks like a normal 3 inch crawfish, so I can’t really describe any things that might help me name him.

By: Shelby

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freshwater crayfish

How did my fish disappear?

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Okay, so I have 3 fantail goldfish all about 1.5 inches long.
I also have a freshwater crayfish around the same size.
When I went on a 6-day vacation, I left a feeder in the tank.
I came back today to discover . . . hey! Two goldfish are gone!
I emptied the entire tank. There are no remains of any kind, and the top of the tank has a cover, so they could not have jumped out. No other pets or people had access to the tank.
I don’t think the crayfish could have eaten 2 whole fish, bones and all, and besides, he’s never been aggressive before. I don’t know whether they could have completely decomposed so fast or not. Could the other goldfish be cannibalistic? Did he and the crayfish gang up on my others?

If you have any idea/theory as to what in the world happened, please let me know.
This has happened once before, with 1
goldfish of the same size, but with no crayfish in the tank.
There were either 1 or 2 same-sized fish, i forget.

By: wolfpackgirl9

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freshwater crayfish


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clickthisway asked:

Stunning images of New Zealand http://www.nhc.net.nz/ New Zealand home of “The Lord of the Rings” was the last large landmass to be discovered as seen in the Pure New Zealand video. Resultant of developing in isolation we have thousands of unique species. GB has only two as a comparison. 11% of the world’s endangered species are from New Zealand. New Zealand has in the order of 35 native freshwater fish. The Grayling, Upokororo in Maori, was a large fish growing to 400mm and found in large …

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